As the construction manager on a project, Konstra secures labor through carefully selected subcontractors with a proven history of safety performance, execution excellence and commercial success.
Safety Management

Our construction organization has a deep commitment to the health and safety of employees in the field and to safeguard the environment. Konstra’s construction expertise is evident.

Cost Management

The design-build method of executing major capital projects is increasingly being used to shorten delivery schedules and optimize capital as well as operations and maintenance costs.

Quality Management

Konstra has a quality program that has been ISO 9001 certified. A quality manager is assigned to each project and is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the quality programme google.

We offers clients a complete solution to deliver their projects on-time and within budget. In addition, with our roots as a construction claims firm, we offer clients a unique understanding of what can go wrong on a project.
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Creating the Project Plan

Build the project schedule by listing, in order, all the tasks that must be completed. Some must be done sequentially while others can overlap or be done in tandem. Assign a duration to each task.

Manage Resources

A successful project manager must effectively manage the resources assigned to the project, including members of the project team, vendor staff, and subcontractors.

Access Scope

The project scope is the definition of what the project is supposed to accomplish and the budgets of time and money that have been created to achieve these objectives. Any change to the scope of the project must have a matching change in budget, time, resources, or all three.

  • Identify location.
  • Confirm availability of room.
  • Select the food options.
  • Confirm the bar and what the bar includes.
  • Identify the dessert options.
  • Create and distribute invitations with food. 
  • Decide on the type of entertainment.
  • Review options for entertainment and select.
  • Confirm dining room set-up.
  • Purchase table gifts for guests.
  • Coordinate and deliver the event.

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